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May your day be blessed.

"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31.

"Magic Man Carpet and Tile Cleaner" demonstrates that it is the best, most popular and remarkable cleaning product around today. Our customers celebrate our cleaning product by everyday use or as a specialty product! "Magic Man Carpet and Tile Cleaner" is commonly used in the business community and in the home.

We supply "Magic Man Carpet and Tile Cleaner" for industrial use and as a janitorial product. Joining the many persons using "Magic Man Carpet and Tile Cleaner" are government buildings, schools, large corporations and many business owners.

"Magic Man Carpet and Tile Cleaner" has made it's mark as the best non-toxic, non-abrasive and non-hypoallergenic water based cleaner on the market today. "Magic Man Carpet and Tile Cleaner" is now available through a large network of retailers.

Available at carpet retailers, tile stores, hardware stores, general merchandise retailers and many others, "Magic Man Carpet and Tile Cleaner" is a consumer proven, affordable solution to all of your cleaning needs. "Magic Man Carpet and Tile Cleaner" serves as a natural tile cleaner, grout cleaner, carpet cleaner and shampoo, spot remover and stain remover.

From cleaning your auto, boat or for in home use, "Magic Man Carpet and Tile Cleaner" costs only pennies to use compared to most grocery store products! With so many products on the market today... "Why not have one product for many uses?"

From the simplest task of putting the cleanest shine on glass to removing tar from carpet, "Magic Man Carpet and Tile Cleaner" remains the most efficient, cost effective, user-friendly product on the market. It is free from hazardous chemicals. That is all right with you, isn't it?

For safety, versatility and efficiency I invite you to try new "Magic Man Carpet and Tile Cleaner" for your every day cleaning needs or for that one special task. Then, I'm sure you will realize as I did "that seeing is believing!" Visit our retailers today.


Kathy Hudson


Our Mission

It is the daily and long-range goal of Son Enterprises to be an innovative company committed to customer satisfaction by providing high quality environmentally safe products. We will provide excellent customer service in a timely manner and be confident that we will remain "a-cut-above" the rest while striving toward the mark of excellence!

"Magic Man Carpet and Tile Cleaner" can replace all those unused products under the sink ... one product ... a thousand jobs! Our retailers are ready to serve you.

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Son Enterprises is solely owned and operated by Kathy Hudson. We never have had nor do we presently have any other sales people or independent contractors to distribute Magic Man Carpet and Tile Cleaner. For product distribution or service, call us at 304-807-4017.

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